Tips & Tricks For Applying Bug & Bun Dog Fragrances

Tips & Tricks For Applying Bug & Bun Dog Fragrances

How to Apply & Use Dog Fragrance

Your doggy companion already steals hearts with their adorable looks and loving personality, but why not take their charm to the next level with a delightful dog fragrance? Just like humans, dogs can benefit from a pleasant scent, and using dog fragrances can make them smell fresh and fabulous. 

In a previous blog we chatted through “What is a Dog Fragrance and Why Should I Use them?”

In this blog, we will explore where and how to apply dog fragrance to keep your four-legged friend (and home) smelling its best.

Where to Apply Dog Fragrance

  1. Collar or Bandana: A simple way to make your dog smell wonderful is to apply fragrance to their collar or bandana. This way, the scent will stay with them and be released gradually as they move.
  2. Between the Shoulder Blades: This area is perfect for applying dog fragrance. It's easy to access, and when your dog turns their head to sniff, they'll get a pleasant surprise.
  3. Base of the Tail: The base of the tail is another good spot to apply fragrance. This area is easily accessible, and it allows the scent to disperse as your dog wags their tail.
  4. Bedding, Clothing, and Blankets: Applying fragrance to your dog's bedding and blankets will keep their favourite spots smelling fresh, and will also ensure your room smells just as amazing. Our fragrances can be used on your dog’s clothing, bedding, car seats, crate, and as a general room spray.

How to Apply our “eau de dog” Fragrances to Your Dog

Patch Test First: Whilst all our “eau de dog” fragrances are created for dogs, we always like to act on the air of caution with everything we do -  safety is a top priority. To do this, spray a small amount of dog fragrance to a patch of fur on your dog's back and monitor for any signs of discomfort before using in full swing on your dog, clothing and furniture (more on that below).

Spritzing On Your Dog's Fur: Spraying Bug & Bun on your dog’s fur in-between washes removes unwanted dog odour. You can also spritz on your dog post-wash for maximum luxury. When applying your dog fragrance, we recommend using a spray or two and reapply as needed. We find that a little goes a long way, and all of our “eau de dog” fragrances can last up to 3 days on the fur.

Avoid Eyes, Ears, Stomach and Paws: Be careful to avoid the eyes, ears, stomach and paws when applying fragrance. Because dogs have sensitive areas, we like to avoid these gentle spots just to be extra safe.

Your dog's safety and comfort have always been front of mind when designing Bug & Bug, and with these tips, your dog will be the sweetest-smelling pup on the block!

Bug & Bun Fragrances for Dog also has a range of matching candles to refresh any room and remove unwanted odours from the air - Mondame11, Saffron Nights, and Voyager. 

Storage and Shelf Life: Our fragrances have a suggested shelf-life of 12 months, and improper storage can affect their longevity.  We recommend storing your fragrances in a cool, dark place, especially during the warmer summer months.

Whether you're stepping out for a social affair or sharing a quiet moment at home, our odour-removing fragrances and candles are the perfect accompaniment for both you and your furry friend to enrich your bond, extend cuddle time, and even make bath time a delicious experience.

We’re starting a movement to create the most beautiful smelling dogs on the planet!