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Dog Grooming Made Easy: The Best Selling Dog Shampoo

As winter settles in and temperatures drop, many dog owners face a dilemma – how to keep their furry companions smelling fresh without subjecting them to the cold weather during trips to the groomer.

Bathing your dog with dog shampoo and conditioner in the chill of winter can be uncomfortable for both you and your pup. But fear not! Did you know that washing your dog too often using common dog shampoos & conditioners in the market can be harsh on our dog's skin, stripping away natural oils that are essential for maintaining a healthy coat.

This is especially true for many dog owners with sensitive dogs! Just like our mini teacup Pug, Bug. While dog shampoo is absolutely essential for keeping our dogs fresh and clean, they’re not the ONLY grooming product that can keep your dog smelling fresh, clean, and cuddle worthy.

Ever heard of Dog Perfume? Dog Fragrance? Or Dog Cologne?

If you didn’t realise it was a thing… Well, it is! And we’re so excited for you to discover it. Born out of this exact dilemma, we founded Bug & Bun - Fragrances for Dogs to solve the problem of lingering dog odour in-between dog baths and trips to the groomer, as well as unwanted pet odour around the house.

Bug, our tiny 3.7kg teacup pug has sensitive skin and doesn’t love a bath at the best of times, which wasn’t ideal for her, or our home!

Luana, our professional in-house perfumer has been in the fragrance industry for over and decade and designed all our dog fragrances with the aim of solving the everyday dog owner’s biggest problem with safety, care and quality top of mind. We wanted everyone to have access to beautiful everyday fragrances that are dog-safe, vet and groomer approved, vegan, alcohol-free and cruelty-free, and made by dog owners for owners.


What dog owners have said about Bug & Bun dog fragrances:

I smell pawsome! Mum & Dad absolutely adore my new furfume. Bonus... I'm so silky & soft!"  The Real Jeffrey Spaghetti

Gigi loves rolling in the dirt, going for walks, and sleeping on our bed. Saffron Nights has been amazing in getting rid of dog smells in-between washes and on our bedding, etc. I love the smell of Saffron Nights. It has been a lifesaver for us".

"Mondame11 is a game-changer for pet owners. It keeps our pup Gussy smelling fresh between baths and refreshes his and our furniture. The scent is luxurious, floral and slightly fruity. In fact, Gussy's new fragrance is so good that I sometimes wear it myself".


The 4 key benefits of using Bug & Bun Dog Fragrances in-between washes:

1. Our Dog Fragrances are Gentle on the Skin:

Many dog shampoos & conditioners in the market can be harsh on our dog's sensitive skin, stripping away natural oils that are essential for maintaining a healthy coat. Bug & Bun dog fragrances offer a gentle alternative. It doesn't involve alcohol or the need for rinsing, making it perfect for quick touch-ups between baths. By avoiding frequent baths with harsh shampoos, you can help preserve your dog's natural oils and keep their skin healthy and moisturised and keep your doggo warm during winter.

2. Keep Your Dog Smelling Fresh Between Baths & Grooming Sessions:

Regular grooming is essential for keeping our furry friends looking and feeling their best. However, scheduling frequent trips to the groomer can be time-consuming and costly. Bug & Bun fragrance spray helps extend the time between grooming sessions by keeping your dog smelling fresh and clean for longer periods. A quick spritz of Bug & Bun can refresh your pup's coat, making them feel like they just stepped out of the groomers salon.

3. Keep Your Dogs’ Coat Soft & Shiny:

Natural oils play a vital role in keeping your dog's coat soft, shiny, and healthy. Over washing with shampoo can strip away these oils, leaving your dog's coat dry and dull. Bug & Bun dog fragrance spray allows you to maintain your dog's natural oils while keeping them smelling fresh. The sprays gentle formula nourishes your dog's coat without compromising its natural shine, leaving it soft, silky, and luxurious to the touch.

4. 8-In-1 Uses With Our Dog Fragrance:

Because our dog fragrances are water-based, not only can you use them lovingly on your dog’s coat, but you can also use them throughout your home; as a room spray, on dog bedding, on dog collars and harnesses, on fabric furniture, in crates and kennels, and as a car refresher.

Bug & Bun Dog Fragrances are the perfect grooming spray in-between washes to keep your dog smelling fresh, clean, and absolutely divine. However, we do understand that some dogs require more frequent bathing.

So, if you find yourself reaching for your best-smelling dog shampoo more often than once every two weeks, we recommend using a dog shampoo that not only cleans but also looks after the oil layer on your dogs skin, such as dog shampoos enriched in essential fatty acids that nourish your dogs skin and maintain its moisture balance. If you are in the market for a dog shampoo or  dog conditioner make sure you do your research.

While Bug & Bun does not endorse any particulars dog shampoos, we always advise you to consult your local groomer or vet to find the best products designed for your dogs unique skin.

Grab one of our limited-time free Bug & Bun fragrance samples and smell the difference. Try one of our dog fragrances for yourself and keep your dog smelling fresh, clean and healthy in-between baths and trips to the groomer.