Bug & Bun was born out of a stinky problem... While we absolutely adore our two fur babies (Bug the Black teacup Pug & Bun the caramel Netherland Dwarf Rabbit), the home can often get, well, a little bit stinky!

With our mixed passions and expertise in perfumery, candle making, manufacturing and business, we realised we already had the solution right under our nose.

Odour-removing dog fragrances and scented home products for a fresh, clean and revitalised home between washes, when the groomer is booked out, or when you're simply procrastinating a doggie bath for another cheeky day or two.

Luana, Professional Perfumer & Digital Marketer, and Wendy, Business Manager & Dog Lover, partnered up (in life & business) to give dog owners a solution to removing unwanted dog odour with fragrances that "smell so good I'd wear it myself."

Meet the Team - Bug the Pug



Meet the star of our show, Bug, also known as Bug the Pug. This 8-month old pint-sized dynamo is the ultimate example of duality.

In public, she's the picture of calm and composure, but as soon as the spotlight is off, she transforms into a whirlwind of doggy excitement! Bugsy has a reputation for causing a garden ruckus as she hunts for the next plant to uproot and run away with.

Bug believes that home is where the heart is and she welcomes all humans with open arms. Her curious nature is boundless and is always eager to take on new adventures, whether it's a hidden scent or a cheeky shoe!

Here at Bug & Bun, Bug is our trusted dog fragrance advocate, ensuring every scent we offer passes her sniff test before hitting the shelves. If it's Bug-approved, you can be sure it's a winner!

Bug's Dog Fragrances



Combining Luana's passion for custom scent creation and animals, they partnered up (in life and business) with Wendy Terry to co-found Bug & Bun 'Fragrances for Dogs' - designed to remove lingering dog odour and create fragrances that everyone will love and adore.

Award-winning Fragrance Designer and Digital Marketer, Luana began their perfumery journey in 2016 after being selected to train with a Melbourne-based professional French-style Perfumer, specialising in custom scent creation.

Driven by her creativity and passion for fragrance, Luana founded her (human) fragrance business 'BY LUIS' in 2019, focusing on custom scent creation and naturally expanding into private label fragrance manufacturing for some of Australia's leading cosmetic, retail and homewares businesses.

While Luana has always been extremely passionate about fragrance creation, having grown up on a farm in Hawkes Bay, NZ, they also hold a life-long love for animals.

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Wendy Terry, our Operations & Business Manager at Bug & Bun, is not just a corporate professional but is also lovingly known as "Bug the Pug's Mom."

Wendy's life revolves around her blended family of Luana, Bug (the pug), and Bun (the rabbit). Together, Wendy and Luana are partners in both life and business.

Wendy's commitment to supporting organisations like "Pets of the Homeless" and Second Chance Animal Rescue reflects her dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of animals and their owners in need.

If you meet her, she is also likely to show you the 100's of pictures she takes of Bug each and every day.  

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